Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate Program in Urban Studies was unanimously approved by the Graduate Council and will be administered by the Urban Studies Program and the Graduate School according to the guidelines submitted to the Graduate Council for approval. The Graduate Certificate requires successful completion of five courses for a total of l5 graduate units: 2 core courses and 3 electives.

Whereas the Ph.D. requires a total of 72 units, the Graduate School requires of all students receiving a graduate certificate nine (9) additional units, for a total of 81 units. Therefore, nine credit units must be in courses not used to satisfy requirements of the student’s doctoral degree. At least six of the units must be satisfied by core courses offered outside of the student’s doctoral department, as approved by the Graduate Studies Director of the home program and Certificate Program Director.

The Urban Studies program director, Professor Carol Camp Yeakey, will be responsible for the Graduate Certificate Program.

Selection of Candidates and Admission Criteria

  • Ph.D. students in any department will be considered.
  • Applications should be submitted to the certificate program director, and will be reviewed in consultation with the student’s doctoral advisor, and approval by the Graduate Studies Director of the home degree program. Upon review of applications by the Urban Studies Graduate Certificate Program Committee, the Urban Studies program director will make recommendations for admission into the Graduate Certificate program to the Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, for final approval.
  • Individual students are responsible for filing a separate “Intent to Graduate” form for the Certificate which is to be awarded simultaneously with the Ph.D. degree.